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Live center  
What are the dfferences between a live center and a rolling center? They are the same. A fixed center is referred to as a dead center.
Many of NAKANEfs centers are slim types. Do these offer strength and rigidity? Yes. By designing live center itself as a bearing, the shaft is thick (about half of the cross section) and achieves strength and rigidity.
Is the BS type (bevel type) compatible with tailstock draw-off nuts? Yes. With the tailstock draw-off nut, the bevel portion will not slip off.
The tip moves back and forth a bit. Is this normal? Yes. The tip moves about 0.5mm in the direction of the shaft, but there is no problem because a load is applied in using the product.
What is the relationship between work weight and radial load? The products can adapt to work weights up to about two times the allowable radial load (with chucking on one side, and the other side received by the center). See gRelationship between radial load placed on center and weight of workpieceh on P10
Can the products be used with cylindrical grinding machines? Yes. Our LSP, XP, FP and BS types are suited to this.
What centers can be used with a machine that has a built-in tailstock? Normally, a dead center should be used (available through special order). (Use a live center if the tailstock quill does not rotate.)
If rotation became heavier (stiffer), when a live center was mounted on a machine If foreign matter is present on the fitting surface of the Morse taper or if there are protrusions, etc. on the tailstock surface, the Morse taper portion of the live center may be compressed and rotation may become heavy. Please remove any foreign matter, protrusions, etc.
Special order  
Can shapes other than standard shapes be produced? Special shapes are possible. Please present us with the desired shape, and we will provide an estimate if possible.
Do you handle dead centers? We can produce dead centers as special order products.
about Repair  
Can products be sent for repair? Repair work is accepted for a fee by the manufacturer. However, repair may not be possible in some cases, depending on the condition of the item.
Is it possible to disassemble and repair products on our own? As special jigs are used, this is not recommended.
Is it possible to order center parts? We do not sell parts. As we cannot guarantee the products in th at case, please direct inquiries concerning repairs to the manufacturer.
Can you repair products from other manufacturers? As parts, structures, etc. differ, we do not perform repairs.
Slender chuck
Is special order production possible? Yes, although there are limits to the length and precision of the holder. Special order production is possible for the collet, too, within limitations.
Special order  
What is the grip range of the collet? We ask that you generally use a perfectly fitting collet (0.1-u nit). However, when gripping a 0.01-unit shank, please use a larger sized collet. (Example: For shank diameter 4.35, use of a 4.4 collet is recommended.)
smooth p stage
What is the maximum measurable ? Up to 58.
Is re-grinding possible if the surface is scratched? Yes.
Is a centering guide included? Yes.
How should I fix the unit in place? A special-purpose pedestal is sold separately. Use is possible with an indicator mounted on a magnetic stand, etc.
Is it possible to have custom centering guides made? Yes, we can produce custom centering guides from provided bluep rints.
Are there screw holes, etc. for attaching the unit? On the back side of the unit are six M5 screw holes.
Overall question
Where can products be purchased? What is the delivery time? Please purchase at a machine shop tool dealer that handles the products. In general, products can be shipped immediately from manufacturer inventory.

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