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NAKANE Slender Chuck
It cannot reach !
Ideal for machining
in confined spaces!

In consideration of your machine shop requirements, the end mill has been
changed to a long end mill using the Slender Chuck.
Slender Chuck + endmill = Long endmill(long drill)
1) High precision
High precision and high-speed rotation are provided by a 3-split collet used in
combination of a collet finished by grinding. Runout does not exceed 0.01mm
(4D from the end).
2) Rigidity and chucking torque
The holder is made of high-speed steel for high rigidity. The pull bolt provides a grip
force several times greater than the conventional front nut type.
3) Dimensions
The collet has a big chucking diameter, despite its very slim holder. The SH16
Series, in particular, provide a chucking diameter of 10 mm with a maximum holder
diameter of 17.8 mm (shank:φ16 mm).

 High precision :under 0.01mm!
Slender Chuck
Slender Chuck

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